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The Biosensors and Bioelectrical Technology group at the UCSC Baskin Engineering is headed by Dr. Nader Pourmand. For detailed information about the group's projects, please contact him at pourmand@soe.ucsc.edu.



Recent News

"Nanobiopsies" of living cells





QB3 Award for Innovation - Top 5 finalist Michelle Maalouf (2012)

Voltage controlled nano-injection system for single-cell surgery (2012)

Antibiotic Resistance, Not Shaken or Stirred apperead in Science (9/23/2011)

Promising biotech device bred from undergrad's 'crazy idea', by Tim Stephens appeared on Physorg.com (9/21/2010)

Electronic DNA Sensing and Ion Torrent Systems, Bio-IT World (02/11/2010)